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Bond Primer 001

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Bond Primer 001

  • Priming concrete floors and walls; use straight from the container. Do not dilute with water or solvent. Porous concrete substrates may require a second coat to seal the surface; best results are achieved when your cement products are applied just as the primer is tacky to touch.
  • Adding to mixed material, add 001 Bond Primer to the water at the mixing stage to improve adhesion and strength, it can be mixed into a slurry coat with cement and applied over concrete floors. Mixing recommendations – 1 part 001 Bond Primer, 2 parts water, (by volume).
  • Applying primer; apply the primer with a roller, broom, brash or spray over the concrete substrate.


Acouslime 001 Bond Primer for concrete substrates is a general-purpose acrylic bonding agent, that can be applied over all types of concrete and masonry substrates before spreading or laying Acouslime Self Levelling Cement.
Prime the concrete surface with 001 Bond Primer to improve adhesion. Adding 001 Bond Primer to the mixing water for Tilers Screed, Renders & Mortars will improve adhesion and strength.

Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet