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Fast Flow Self Levelling

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Fast Flow Self Levelling

  • Used internally
  • Application thickness feather to 10mm
  • Used over concrete floors
  • Trowels to a smooth hard finish
  • Underlayment under floor coverings
  • Pumpable
  • Pre-mix: just add water
  • Lightfoot traffic in four hours


Acouslime FAST FLOW Self Levelling Cement is a blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates and additives designed to give a self-levelling finish as a floor underlayment used in conjunction with 001 Bond Primer. It is rapid setting and open to light foot traffic in 4 hours. Superior crack resistance due to low shrinkage and exceptional bond. Used in indoor areas over concrete substrates. It is pumpable or can be mixed with a shear blade mixer and placed manually to a thickness up to 10mm.

Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet