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Complete Solutions For Timber Flooring

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Onsite Concrete Slab Moisture Testing available. We can arrange to do an in slab moisture test* as site conditions can vary immensely and products required to do the job could differ. Based on results we can then supply a customised flooring installation solution for your job from our range of quality Acouslime products, giving installers and customers peace of mind. 

* This test is not available for heated concrete slabs.

For professionals

Architects, Interior designers, Builders, Flooring Contractors, Estimators, Specifiers, Project Managers and Developers.

Complete Solutions For Timber Flooring

Test Data results for Acouslime 4 in 1 and Acouslime 3 in 1 if required for a project specification or compliance are available on request.

Please contact us by email or the office on 03 9776 4433 so we can forward this onto you.

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